We are providing an efficient, flexible and fully digitalized insurance solution. Enabling you as a partner to build up your own insurance portfolio with low risk and low complexity.


The digisure solution

Digisure believes in strong partnerships, providing our partner transparency and control over the insurance portfolio. Partnering with Digisure enables you to be part of Insurance value-creation. Capitalizing on a strong brand ensures low acquisition cost and increases customer loyalty.


Operate the market’s most efficient, cost effective and advanced insurance solution


The Digisure “insurance as a service” solution is entirely built with use of modern thinking. AI and ML is used for intelligent automatisation  & analysis.


White label design

Offering partners to adapt the brand and their tone of voice throughout the solution. 


Insurance Motor

Insurance motor built on modern Microsoft technology. Handles basic insurance functions like tariff, products and database. 



Automated handling of customer inquiries. Limited need for manpower.


BI Solution

Strong and modern BI solution harvest and exploit data to increase sales, enhance risk selection and optimize pricing.


Digitalized Claims

Digitalized processing and reporting of claims.


Our business model

Strong partnerships with leading companies


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Our story


During our (life)time with various companies within the European insurance industry, we’ve had first hand experience regarding the difficulties in offering a fully digital, tailored, non-complex solution to partners. Everyone seeks to simplify and digitalize their offerings and products, but due to complicated legacy-systems and regulatory demands, the much announced digital paradigm shift seems currently to still be on a theoretical level. With Digisure we are putting theory and futuristic solutions into practice.



The Management Team

Rune portrett.png

Rune Olsen Arneberg

Co-founder and CEO

Arneberg has more than 30 years experience in the insurance industry. Before starting Digisure, Arneberg has founded several companies in the Scandinavian insurance industry, including Vardia Insurance Group ASA (publ.) and White Label Insurance ASA. Arneberg has studied accounting at the Norwegian School of Management (BI).

+47 997 20 005


Jan P portrett.png

Jan Petter Myhrstad

EVP Operations

Myhrstad is EVP of Digisure. He is responsible for all end-customer processes, including product management, sales, claims, and general operations. Myhrstad has 13 years experience in the insurance industry, and has previous to Digisure, held leading positions within operations and claims.  

+47 416 79 645



Roger Slinning

Co-founder and Chairman of the board

Slinning is Chairman of the board and co-founder of Digisure. He is responsible for Partner sales. Slinning has more than 30 years  experience in the insurance industry. Before joining Digisure, Slinning has previously held various leading positions in different Scandinavian insurance companies, among other as CEO of Enter Forsikring.

+47 952 52 000


2018-09-20 Portrett Digisure.png

Are H Vestrum


Vestrum is CTO of Digisure. He is responsible for technical solutions and cooperations with software vendors and partners. Vestrum has extensive experience in the ERP industry and has, previous to Digisure, held leading positions within ICT operations. 

+47 90143881